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 Rules in English

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PočaljiNaslov: Rules in English   Ned Jul 10, 2016 5:10 pm

-There are 2 halfs of 6 minutes+stoppage time in both halfs.Settings are Time limit-none, Score limit, none, Show on room list-no
-Only the host and the ref can be Admins of the room.Captains can't be Admins of the room because there is no need for that and often they ban someone or pause the game in the middle of an attack.If the host isn't the ref, he can't use the Administrator role.
-Matches can be played only on the official Mini RS map.
-Stoppage time can last for 0, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 seconds.It is announced by the ref by saying ST(ST 40 for example).Last attack must be allowed to finish, so the match ends once the stoppage time is over and the ball is out of play/on the other half than the one it was when the stoppage time ended.If the 3rd corner is made after stoppage time ends, the penalty still must be taken.
-Overtime is taken if in a cup-system match the winner is undecided after 12 minutes.Overtimes last 2 minutes each and the same rules are applied like in the regular part of the match.Corners from the regular part of the match still count in overtime.
-If there is a penalty shootoutm there are 3 penalty series(each player on the field takes 1 shot).If there is more than 3 penalty series, it is played just like penalty shootouts in real football after the 5th series, except that players on the bench can also take a shot if their captain says so.
-Players must have the same name they have on the forum.Both teams can have minimally 3 players and maximally 3 subs.If a team has less than 3 players because of red cards, the opponent is awarded a 3-0 win.
-The team must have a captain or a vice-captain when playing.You can have more vice-captains, but you must write their order when you are signing up your team.
-There are 5 subs allowed during the match.Subs can be made only when the ball is out of play and must be approved by the ref.
-The game must have a ref, but one of players can be a ref if the teams agree.
-Only the host and the team members can be present at the game-no spectators.
-All players on the game must log in on the chatbox before the match starts.
-The ref announces a goal out by writing R or B.When the goal out is taken, players must be behind the box line, and they can cross the line only when the ball is in field(it touched the goal out line).
-Corners are announced by the ref by saying for which team is the corner and what corner is it(1st, 2nd, 3rd..).For example R5.Corners must be noted by the refs for easier statistics making.
-When a keeper saves a penalty and the ball goes out(corner), that corner counts.
-When a penalty is being taken there can be nobody in the box besides the shooter and the keeper.
-The ref can give a player a yellow or a red card if a player is being a retard(swears, threatens, questions refs calls etc.)
-A team can have minimum 3 and maximum 6 players.
-It isn't allowed to have more than 2 foreigners in a team.Players from ex Yugoslavia aren't foreigners in ex Yugoslavia teams.
-When an awarded result is being noted, only valid deals are the ones made on topics for match time arranging, WHILIST DEALS MADE ON FACEBOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS AREN'T VALID.
-If teams don't play the match until the end of the deadling and neither team uses the wildcard, the match doesn't count and both teams get -2 points.If this happens in a cup-system competition, the Admins determine the punishment themselves.
-A wildcard can be used only by the captain and it can be used latest 10 minutes before the default match time.
-The same team can't use more than 1 wildcard per match.
-In league system the rank system is the following:

  1. Points(win 3, draw 1, loss 0)
  2. Goal difference
  3. Goals scored
  4. Score between teams that share a place on the table
  5. Number of wins
  6. Number of points that were taken from the team by the Admins(less is better)
  7. An additional match in a cup-system(overtime and penalties if needed)

-If a team shuts itself down during the season, its results are annuled.If a team is still in a cup, the Admins decide what to do.
-Transfers can be made between 2 parts of the season, in pause between the seasons or during the season.
During the season the teams can only bring players that haven't played that season.
-Players that have played during the first part of the season somewhere and left/where kicked out can be transfered during the pause between 2 parts of the season, but brining players from other teams isn't allowed.
-Between 2 seasons all transfers are allowed.
-When you are bringing or kicking out a player you must tag them(for example @Богдан).
-Swearing will be strictly punished by the Admins.
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Rules in English
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